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Longsheng staff canteen to move to a new home

Release date:2018-06-10 21:56:00 Page View:4422

In order to improve the dining environment for employees, Yingkou Longsheng Industrial built a new canteen for employees, which was officially put into use on June 10, 2018. Company leaders have repeatedly stressed that food and beverage is an important logistical support work, from the purchase of food materials and quality requirements must be strictly controlled, edible oil, rice are purchased from large supermarkets, to ensure the quality, so that the majority of staff eat at ease. This time, the next effort to rebuild the canteen, fully reflect the company's concern for the lives of employees.

With the development of the company, the staff canteen has become a platform for the exchange of ideas between employees and customers, as well as a service window showing the level of corporate culture. The company has invested energy, manpower and material resources in infrastructure to improve the canteen environment, to provide a warm and comfortable dining environment for laborious front-line workers or visiting customers, and to create conditions for better realization of the company's business objectives